Election campaign vehicles based on Mahindra Bolero Camper

With the 2014 elections fast approching and the campaigning already started, Automotive Manufacturers (AML) which is a dealer for Mahindra has these campaign vehicles for sale.

As far as my understanding goes, Mahindra has nothing to do with this modification, it is the dealer(AML) who did this modification taking a Mahindra Bolero Camper Gold as the base vehicle. This is also not done on order, they have made the vehicles ready anticipating orders from contestants. As of now they have 4 vehicles ready one each for BJP, Congress, TDP and TRS and based on the response they can have some more ready.

I’m not connected to AML, just came across these in their service station and sharing it. Anyone interested may contact AML directly. I came across these vehicles at AML, Distillery road, Ranjigunj, Hyderabad


Though I did not inspect the vehicles closely, the work did seem well planned and executed. Finishing and detailing was very much acceptable.

Vechicle Features

  • 2523 CC Engine
  • 5 seater with carriage
  • Power steering
  • Factory AC


  • Vehicle colour based on party colour.
  • MS Stage with steps and carpet.
  • Ahuja addressing system with 6 speakers and cordless mikes.
  • High power LED lamps projected at the candidate from front and back.
  • Focus lamps on front and back projected to the public.
  • PU seat and steering covers matching the party/vehicle colour
  • Extra battery and high power alternator with seperate wiring and fuse for the additional electricals.
  • 13″ flag rods on the corners.
  • Heavy duty footsteps on each side that can take a load of 8 members.(very much needed in India, isn’t it?)
  • LED lighting on front seats for visibility of candidate at nights.
  • Advertisement plates around the vehicle.
  • Stickering


Ex-ShowRoom price of Bolero Camper Gold – 627858
Life Tax(Quarterly) – 1150
Insurance – 28810
Handling Charges – 5000

Total – Rs.662818

Cost of Modifications – 193400

Total cost of campaign vehicle – Rs.8,56,218/-



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  • Charkam

    Can you please quote the above vehicle in US dollars