How soon is your page indexed?

Have you ever measured how long it takes for google to crawl and index your website or a new post/page in your website? I have three blogs, two are wordpress blogs and one is a blogger blog. Blogger blog is very new while the wordpress blogs are over an year old. I’m more regular on this website which is on wordpress. This site relatively has more posts and visitors than the other two, yet google takes any where upto a day to index new posts.

On the other hand, the blogger blog which is just a few days old and hardly has any visitors is indexed within 15 minutes. Sameway, the other wordpress blog(which has one tenth the visitors/posts of vishki) is also indexed within 30 minutes.

Many say that google favors wordpress blogs, but here one of my wordpress blogs is indexed very fast while the other is not. The one which is slow has got more visitors, posts and backlinks. I did not do any SEO on any of these. All are default isntallations.

What has been your experience? what platform are you using and how long does it take for your new pages to get indexed?

UPDATE:12 NOV 2011: This post took around 18 hours to get indexed. A posting that I made in my other wordpress blog immediately after this post, took 30 minutes to get indexed. Finally my blogger post which I just posted took 6 minutes to get indexed. Do post your experiences on google crawling your sites.

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  • Marcel Macasso


    I have the same problem with my blog. 1 year ago every blogpost was indexed almost immediately, but now it takes up to a week before the post appears in Google.

    Google Webmaster tools tells me that I have 84 URLS in the sitemap, but only 81 indexed in the web index. I have no idea what I do wrong though.

    • vishki

      For me too, is the oldest of my three blogs, has most content and visitors, yet it takes the longest of three to get indexed. My newest blog which is on blogger gets indexed in minutes though it hardly has any content.

      BTW, webmastertools reports the same number of links in sitemap and webindex for me. I think it takes some time before the “urls in webindex” part is updated after a new post is indexed. Also check the crawler access section, it may be possible that some of the links are restricted. If you know which links are missing, you can paste the links in crawler access and see if they are restricted.