Joining .001 .002 … files to a single file

When we try to download large files, say 2gb or 3gb, we often end up with multiple files with extensions like .001, .002 …. .999. These extensions normally indicate a large file being split into multiple parts using some software like hjsplit. You can use free applications like hjsplit, 7-zip etc to combine these parts and create the original large file. Since most people do not have these softwares installed on their machines, you get “select a program to open” dialog when you try to open these files. Since there is no software installed to open such files, many either discard the file or end up installing a supporting software.

For those of you who do not want to install an application for using it only once, there is a simple alternative in Windows OS. This has to be done through command prompt and there is no graphical interface for this.

Assuming that you have 3 files, “”, “” and “” in the folder “c:\parts”. Below are the steps involved in combining these parts to make a single file “”.

1. Open command prompt
a. Start – Run, type “cmd” and hit enter (or)
b. Simultaneously press “Window” button and “R”, type “cmd” and hit enter (or)
c. Start – Programs – Accessories – Command Prompts
2. Navigate to the folder containing your .001… files
In our case we have the parts in “c:\parts”, so type “cd\parts” and hit enter. Here we are navigating to the root directory and then to the parts directory.
3. Type the following command now to combine parts and create the larger file
copy / b /b
4. You now have the combined file created in the same folder. Close the command prompt and use the file normally.

Explaining the copy command above, we are indicating the system to copy the parts( into a single file( in binary mode(/b switch). To know more about the copy command and what all it can do, type “copy/?” at the command prompt and hit enter. “/?” switch can be used with any command at the command prompt to know what the command does.

The command is good for use when we have a couple of files to join, but if you have too many files to be merged into one file, this is impractical and it’s best to use a suitable software.

Note: Depending on how the parts were originally created, the above procedure may not work always. The method above it always worked for me except once. In case the copy command does not work for you, you will have to use an application like 7-zip. This method also is impractical when you have more than a couple of files.

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