Nokia 500 Belle update

The much awaited Belle update for Nokia 500 is now available. Nokia has released the Belle update few weeks back for several models that came with Anna. The update for Nokia 500 was not released as the tailoring of the update to match the 500 hardware was not ready though Nokia said it will be out soon.

As it said, Nokia has started rolling out the Belle update for Nokia 500. The update will be rolled out in phases, country by country as and when the country/product code specific update is ready. You can check the availability for your country/product code at this link. I just checked the website and the update is currently available in India for two product codes of Nokia 500, 059G7B8 and 059M3X2. My phone belongs to the first code, I will soon update my phone and will post the process here and review. Check the link above as the update will be available for more product codes in the coming days.

How do you know your phones product code? There are several product codes even within the same model. The updates that we get are based on the product code and not on the model. To find your product code, remove the back cover and battery and look at the sticker. You have the “Code” along with IMEI and other details. The number against “Code” is your product code.┬áTo update the phone, install Nokia Suite on your PC and connect your phone. Nokia Suite will prompt you about the available update from where you can proceed.

Check this short video by Nokia,

The other devices for which the Belle update is available are Nokia C6-01, C7-00, E6-00, E7-00, N8-00, X7-00.

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    Now Belle update is available in india for the below product codes