OVI Store : Purchase an app and use in multiple phones

I purchased Joikuspot premium from Nokia store on my E71. The app turns the phone into a wifi hotspot and lets us share the phones gprs/3g connection with other devices via wifi. I installed this on E71 and it works great.

When I logged into the OVI store on my new Nokia 500, the Joikuspot premium is still present under “My Stuff” with status “Not Installed”. I clicked on “Install”, it installed on 500 too and works perfectly.

I’m using Joikuspot premium on Nokia E71 as well as Nokia 500. I was under the impression that if I have to use the same app in another phone, I may have to buy the app again for the new phone or I’ll have to transfer the license from this phone to the new one. But no such thing is involved, no transfer, no buying again. I’m able to access ovi store, use Joikuspot premium on both phones simultaneously.

This is really cool, we always own the app that we purchase once even if we change the phones. Whats ever cooler is that the purchase allows us to use the app on multiple phones. I do not know if this is a feature of ovi store or a bug. I never made a purchase on app store or android market, so do not know if those app stores also allow this kind of use. OVI store rocks.

If you purchase an app on ovi store and want to use it on new phone, just login to your account on ovi store and see under “My Stuff”, find it and click install. Follow the same procedure when you format/reset your phone.

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