SmartConnect – A must have app for Symbian S60

SmartConnect is a access point management application from birdstep( The application is very useful, free and available in ovi store. Every Nokia S60 user who uses more than one access point for getting online should have this app installed.

Scenario: I have 5 access points configured in my E71. Wifi at Home, Wifi at Work, Wifi at Parents Home and finally Airtel Mobile Office edge. Whenever I move from one place to another, I’ll have to change access point settings in my Nokia messaging email application. This is a really boring and irritating job to remember and change it everytime In other applications I have set it to ask everytime so whenever I start the app, it asks me which access point to use.

SmartConnect: SmartConnect is designed to work in exactly the above scenario. Once installed, we can create access point groups. A group consists of more than one access point. Once a group is created, it appears as an access point to the applications. So now all I have to do is select this group as the default access point in Nokia messaging email and other applications. What this does is, when the app needs data access, smartconnect automatically searches and connects to the available connection in the order they are listed in the group. All this is seamless and no delay is felt while this is done. Now my apps connect to home wifi when at home, and work wifi when at work and so on.

I have two groups created, one has all the connections access points included and is used in most of my apps. The second group only has wifi connections which I use in voip apps because my edge connection is not fast enough to give the required band width.

This has made life much easier. I no more have to worry about selecting a access point. All my games and apps use the smartconnect group and access the available access point.

This is a free app. An alternative to this app is Psiloc Connect which is also on ovi but is a paid one.

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