Temporary EMail address – avoid spam


How many times were you in a situation where you had to submit your email address unwillingly just to visit that one page or receive that one document. You were 99.99% sure that you are not going to visit that site again, but you still didn’t had any option but to give your email id. You knew this could end up in spam mails, but what to do. You must have thought that you should signup for another email just for purposes like these.

Well, not really necessary to signup for any thing. There are temporary email ids available readily, we just dont know about them or we ignore them. One such service i use is tempinbox.com. goto this website, type a name of your choice, accept their terms and login. Thats right, you are in your inbox, no signup, no password. Once you login, the email id will be active for a certain time and will be dropped later.

You will not have option to send email from this, obviously, they dont want you to spam or send anonymous emails. Also, there is no password required to enter the inbox i.e., email is not secure.

Google and you can find many other temporary email providers like this.

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