The Creepy Any.Do – Makes you DO it.

If you are using Android or an IOS device, then you must have either used this app or atleast came across this app, Out of the million apps on the appstore and play store, this is one app that must have appeared on devices playstore recommondations. With more than 5 million downloads as on writing this article, it is known to be the cleanest, simplest and best task and todo managers on these stores. Even out of these devices, we may not find a simpler task manager.

Any.DO is creepy, annoying, irritating … and it sucks big time, in a good way, period.

It is simple to use, screen space is relaxed without clutter and is pleasant on the eye.

You add a task using the “+” or voice control, then delete a task by swiping across the task and It shows tasks in 4 simple categories, TODAY, TOMORROW, UPCOMING and SOMEDAY. Then there are more options where needed like say, if you have a task to call someone, it will directly display the call button in the application for you to make a call.

Every morning it plays the tasks you have for the day as “Plan your day”(called moment) and as the task time approaches, it pops up with reminders occupying the lower part of the screen. When this happens, it displays Dismiss, Snooze, Done and DoItNow options. Selecting Snooze will give further options of 15 Mins, 1 Hour, 3 Hours and Tomorrow. The reminder are clean and meaningful, displayed as the time approaches. Snoozing  for me has been the most effective and this is where is the creepies.



I have the habit of postponing/snoozing a lot. If I postpone/snooze, it exactly does what it is supposed to do, pop up again. As long as I do not delete the task or mark it as done, it makes me complete the task.

All task managers do have these options, what makes special is the simplicity combined with the usefulness and cleanliness of the app. If you rightly follow your mind and use the app properly, will take care of the rest, it will keep bugging you smoooothly.

It bugs you more than your dad, wife, girl friend and boss, its always in your pocket, behind you and on top of you. You unlock the phone and its in front of you. Irritated to look at its constant reminders and in a way afraid, I started completing my tasts just to avoid its repeated reminders. End of the day, it is getting me do my stuff.

It constantly hits on my head to DO this and Do that until I DO it and mark it as DOne.

This is a must have app on everyones primary device. If you want a simple and effective organizer try, but before that commit yourself to,

1. Will use only for task management.

2. Fair practise – do not cheat by deleting a task or marking it done.

That will get you organized. Get to get organized. This is the best bugger you can find.

Just noticed they have launched Cal(calendar) and will soon launch Mail(email) and Memo(notes). I think these 4 together can further worsen your life, they will constantly keep banging on your head. No vacation, no sleep, first complete that task.

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