The first post – about

VISHKI. What’s about VISHKI. Well, there is nothing much really to tell about. is just a personal blog of me. Who am I? I am …, ok, call me vishki. That’s my short name and I prefer being called that way. is purely a personal blog. Its totally unfocused, unordered and probably going to be chaotic. Whats the purpose then? the only purpose is to post “WHATEVER STRIKES MY MIND”. Thats right, thats the tagline of my blog, ;). I hope you like the caption.

As the tagline indicates, I’m just going to putdown whatever strikes my mind. If I feel I should share something, I’m going to do that here. That could be anything, a morning dream or a nightmare, a review/feedback of a product I use, my opinion on something thats happening around or something I newly learned. Totally unfocused, isn’t it?

I’m sure that everyone is not going to like every post, and I’m equally sure that there will be at least one post of interest for every visitor and that completes my blog. Instead of sharing my thoughts with people around me who may not be interested at all in them, I’m sharing them here so that those who may be interested will read them. If you like any of my post, do leave a comment. If you do not like a post, still leave a comment, may be a negative comment :).

Thanks for visiting.


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