Things to know about the Nokia C2-03

Back in November 2011, I bought the Nokia C2-03 with lot of hope. Having used a Nokia lower spec’d X1-01, it’s only natural that I expect C2-03 to be better. Did it turn out as expected? Read my quick review in the form of few quick points below to help you decide before you go ahead and buy this phone.

1. You can not set seperate ringtones for the two sims and so you can not differentiate between the calls unless you see the screen. You will have to live with single ringtone. Same applies for other tones too. The lower end Nokia x1-01 and Nokia 101 support different ringtones, huh.
2. Ease of using easy swap is average. Unless you use your nails, getting the sim out is difficult. Don’t expect you can take out the sim with your finger. Best thing is to use your third sim to press the current sim in and take it out, again to put the new sim follow the same step with the sim just taken out.
3. You can not switch off one of the sims, either switch off the phone(both sims), or take out the second sim. What will you do if you want to turn off only first sim? you can’t unless you make it a second sim.
4. The back cover is not so sturdy that it can withstand frequent openings. If you are planning to change the SIM 1 every now and then, NO.
5. Phone is dual standby, but not dual active. Either of the sims can receive a call in standby mode, but when one of them is in call(or in data transfer, or sending/receiving a message), then the other sim goes off and resumes when the first one returns to standby. So if you are on a call on SIM1, your SIM 2 is goes off temporarily. If you talk for hours on one sim and still expect to receive a call on the other, NO. Infact, none of the Nokia dual sim phones currently in market support this.
6. Touch interface is really really sluggish and unresponsive. It will start annoying you from day 1. I know it is a resistive screen, the touch is poor even for resistive. It is better to get a Nokia plectrum stylus lanyard and use it. It makes life much easier. I used it but removed it as I did not like the looks. Most annoying part of the touch is it’s ability to scroll.
7. The battery is average, not great. The BL-5C battery though good on other basic phones, looses out to the large screen, touch and dual sims. It will get you through the day easily, just do not expect a second day on single charge.
8. Keypad is kind of tiny, still easy to use except for the top row. The gap between the top row and the phone slider is very less and the finger keeps fiddling with the slider. Unless you have tiny fingers or be extra careful your nails will teep scratching the upper part of the phone, and soon you will have the bottom of the slider dull or chipped.
9. You can customize the home screen to your taste, and you can launch lots of apps from home screen the way you want. This is one good thing about the phone. There are two gestures, left and right, which can open two of your favourites. Then you can top different sections on the homescreen to open related apps like calendar, alarm, profiles etc. Then you can add two shortcut bars to the home screen each with 4 shortcuts. Then finally you have the goto menu where you can add 9 shortcuts.
10. There is no onscreen keypad. If you are thinking that you can use the phone without ever opening the keypad, No. You have to open the keypad for say 90% of the things. If you set password protected keylock, then you will have to open even to unlock the phone. Wish they have provided a on screen numeric pad(this is available only for dialling).
11. Camera takes mediocre pics and videos. Nothing to write about it. The shutter sounds can be turned off.
12. Music player is good, sound quality is good and so is the inbuilt speaker. For radio, you will have to insert the headphones as there is no inbuilt antenna.
13. Only Sim 1 can be used for tethering, i.e., for using internet on your pc via the phone.
Other than that, phone looks good but on the thicker and heavier side due to slide mechanism. It does the basic functions right, no issues in call quality. Biggest gripe is the touch quality and dual sim settings.
Do I recommend this, NOOOOOOOOOO.
If you are on budget, go for even lower x1-01 or 101, but not this. If you want a better one, x2-02 is better and has all the features of this phone minus the touch, and also has an inbuilt fm antenna and transmitter in addition and makes a better buy. If you love the looks/design and ready to live with the annoying touch screen, not so good camera and lack of proper dual sim settings you can go for this phone, but physically try it at a mall or from a buddy before purchasing.
What do you think about the phone/article? Any questions? post them in the comments.
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