Unwanted SMS free from BSNL

Yup, you have read it right. Unwanted SMS is free with every BSNL connection, ;), or atleast I have got them for free for three connections I have taken recently.

For those of you who do not know(I know everyone from India knows BSNL), BSNL(Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited) is the state owned telecom company. It is the oldest and the largest of telecom companies in India. They offer services from basic landline to highspeed broadband services, 2g gsm/cdma to evdo/3g, wimax to 3g data connections, essentially they offer all telecom services.

Recently they have auctioned vanity numbers(BSNL term for fancy mobile numbers) and I’m a number buff(last 4 digits). On knowing about the auction, I immediately checked for the numbers I wanted and found 3 interesting numbers whose start price is within my reach. I’ve bid for all three(hoping I’ll atleast win one) and fortunately or unfortunately I won all three. It’s not necessary that I take all three(if I don’t take, I wont be allowed to participate in next auction which is ok), but the numbers were too tempting and I took all three. Old phones lying around at home saved me.

All is well, so far.

Next day onwards, unwanted SMS start coming.

You can think two things,

1. The numbers I’ve taken were previously used by someone else. Nope, I know the pain of using a number previously used by someone else, I always take fresh numbers from latest series. All the three numbers I’ve taken are from the latest series that BSNL has released.

2. I’ve given my numbers to spammers, i.e., the so called free offers at malls, petrol pumps, online sites etc. Nope again, I’m a kind of guy who is well aware of these cheap marketing tricks and I do not give my numbers.

Moreover, the SMS started coming within a day, probably even before I made calls. This really annoys me.

99%(or 90%) of the time, the SMS is received on all the three numbers with a gap of one or two seconds. Added to this, this junk started from day 1. How come the latest numbers issued/activated by BSNL end up in spammers database? Either BSNL is directly sending(some of them are BSNL offers), or is providing access to third parties.

BSNL may term them as offers to customers rather than spam, but to a customer who is not at all interested in the stuff, every unwanted SMS is a spam SMS, and such spam from Day 1 is really annoying.

The national Do Not Disturb registry seems to be hardly of any use. After you register for DND, you’ll receive an SMS saying it will take 45 days for it to take effect. Come on now, spam activation takes one day, and spam deactivation takes 45 days. Funny, but thats the dire state we are living in. Even after 45 days, nothing seems to have changed. Same kind of SMS keep coming.

One of my phone being a very old phone, has a storage capacity of just 20SMS. This phone displays “memory full, incoming SMS waiting, please delete some of the existing messages”. If we dont want to miss out on the really important SMS, we should always keep an eye on the received sms and delete it. So if you have a BSNL connection, you better have a phone with large SMS capacity or keep running to the phone every time it beeps.

Below are some of the SMS I’ve received, I’ll probably keep adding to them, ūüėČ

  • From:BA BSNL@ –¬†Avail 3G services on pay per use. Migrate to 3G-Nestham at no extra cost. Send M3G120 to 53733…..
  • From:BA BSNL@ –¬†BSNL offers 10ps/min to all AP BSNL nos just @Rs65/-only;valid for 30days….
  • From:BA BSNL@ –¬†Avail 3g services on pay per use…
  • From:BA BSNL@ –¬†Free installation, 15 days down load, games/music for one month with new BSNL’s Landline Broadband…
  • From:BA BSNL@ –¬†BSNL offers 2000 SMSs just @Rs23/- only; valid for 30 days; and can be activated instantly…
  • From:BT-59595 –¬†Shayari Messages only for you.Just Send SM to 59595.
  • From:TD-DJMALL –¬†Predict Man of Match & WINNING TEAM & Win Rs.1000…
  • From:BT-12630036 –¬†Get the World Cup Score Update of India v England and …
  • From:BT-54000 –¬†Why u have no Girlfriend Boyfriend? take simple tips…

These are just a few, I’ve deleted a lot of SMSs. Many are so silly and BSNL is promoting them, sad. Let me know if you have similar experience.

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  • Chozha Rajan

    Am getting not only unwanted SMS but also unwanted services. They are activating many services(which i never ever want) without my knowledge and taking money for it. For deactivation, they are charging 2 to 3rs per sms request but the service never gets deactivated… ūüôĀ
    BSNL is just a piece of crap….

    • vishki

      Yup Rajan, I too faced it. They deduct balance for unwanted and unsubscribed stuff and the customer care doesn’t even know what they are talking. The best they can say is to visit a BSNL office, and the story is no better there.

  • vishki

    So the BSNL spam is not limited to BSNL. May be they want you to use number portability so that they can have more victims of their pathetic service.

  • kiran

    Same problem. I dont remember giving out my mobile number but I am an airtel subscriber and I keep getting BSNL sms everyday from BA BSNL. I want sue these bastards. I also have an old phone and have 80 message limit.