Wakie – Not the first ever human to human alarm

I came across this cool little app “Wakie” claiming to be a first ever human to human alarm clock. When you use this app, you set a time for alarm and some one will call you at that time to wake you up.

Coming straight to the point, this is not the first ever human to human alarm clock. I know atleast one other human to human alarm that existed long long ago – The alarm on the land line phones long back.

BSNL landline phones(atleast in Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh) have a service called alarm. We used it in the 80’s. As a kid, when I asked my father to wake me up early in the morning, he used to set this alarm so that he doesn’t miss waking me. BSNL basically had a dedicated number for alarm service, any one can call this number and ask for an alarm call at any particular time. The operator would register this. Exactly at the right time, we used to get a call on our phone from the operator on duty. He would say “this is the alarm call…” hardly a 3 or 4 second call. Still its Human to Human and the first I’ve known.

So Wakie – You are not the first Human to Human alarm.

BTW, BSNL still has this service but it is automated now. Now we dial the alarm service number followed by 4 digit time in 24 hour format. So if I want an alarm at 3:45 PM, I’d dial the access number followed by 1545. The alarm will be registered and we will get a call at the time and a recorded message will be played, its no more human to human.

Whether Wakie is first or not, Wakie is definitely a cool app you should check.


What is Wakie?

Wakie is an application available for apple, android and windows phones. It is currently in beta stage and is invite only. There are already 1.5 million users. Invites can be requested and at the time of writing this, there are 24k odd invites left. You can install the app and request for an invite from within the app.

Once you register you can set an alarm time. At the alarm time, a random wakie user from some place in the world will give you a call to wake you up. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yeah. A random wakie user will give you a call at the time you want. The caller will not know your number, I think the calls will be over a data connection and other privacy settings seem to be in place.

Same way as you get a call, you can also call someone to wake them up at their desired time.

Its an interesting and fun idea/app. You wake up with a call from random stranger every morning and you speak to new people every time you get or give a call. Don’t be too excited, you can not involve in long conversations. You will get a beep at 50 seconds and the call will be disconnected at 60 seconds. That’s it.

Unfortunately I could not try the app. When I try to login(it uses facebook login), I get an error message “App Not Setup: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login.” I hope they will fix it soon.

A very interesting concept. You should try this app(hoping you will not get the same error).


Happy Wakeups!!!

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